Product Packaging

Tigril Product Packing

With the unique design and packaging leads to a strong brand image of Tigril in International Aftermarket along with the Quality and reliability. All the products are packed and stored after undergoing the high precision quality systems with defined check points.

Besides excellent quality, we believe that customers deserve also brilliant product finishing and an unique design and packaging. This leads to strong brand image and differentiates Tigril and outstands us in the International Aftermarket. Our customers benefit by generate better revenues and re-occurring customer orders for Tigril.All the products are packed and stored after undergoing high precision quality tests with defined check points. Our Tigril security seal prevents our brand from being counterfeited and increase customer awareness from duplications in the market. Once a Tigril box is opened the 4D hologram security seal will be self-destroying and shows “VOID”. This indicates to the customers and end consumers that this box was opened before already and to carefully check to get a real original Tigril product inside the same box.


Tigril’s aim is not only to support its customers with a comprehensive range, but also with a strong brand image. Today Tigril is known in the international Aftermarket as THE brand that represent a strong image that stands for Quality, Reliability, Swift delivery and Value for Money products.