Spare Parts For Commercial Vehicles

MERCEDES-BENZ L/LK/LS Series Tigril No. DB11.0005 OE No. 335.410.00.31 Description Universal joint 52x133 mm Remarks Rear Actros 1/2/3, Atego 1/2,Axor, Econic 1, NG/SK Series Tigril No. DB11.0006 OE No. 363.410.06.31 Description Universal joint 53x135 mm Remarks Rear Actros 1/2/3, Atego 1/2, Axor, Econic 1, NG/SK Series Tigril No. DB11.0007 OE No. 620.410.00.31 Description Universal joint 57x152 mm Remarks Rear Actros MP1/2/3, Atego 1/2/3, Econic, LK/LN 2/MK/NG/SK Series, O 303/5, 405/7/8, Unimog Tigril No. DB11.0008 OE No. 381.410.02.31 Description Universal joint 48x126 mm Remarks Rear Actros 1/2/3, Axor, MK/SK Series Tigril No. DB11.0009 OE No. 942.410.00.31 Description Universal joint 68x165.2 mm Remarks Rear LP/NG/T2/L Series, O 309 Tigril No. DB11.0010 OE No. 385.410.02.31 Description Universal joint 38x100 mm Remarks Rear BM 336, 343/6/9, 350/4, 361/3/6 Tigril No. DB11.0001 OE No. 335.413.00.01 Description Mounting, propshaft Remarks Rear OE/Reference numbers and names, other than Tigril, serve for comparison purpose only and must not be mentioned on invoices to the vehicle owners. 6